Jewelery Care

For most people jewelry is a very personal choice. Jewelry should be treated with care and love.

Here are some tips to keep your Whisper jewels looking their best:

1. Properly store your jewelry. Your jewelry is best stored in the dust bag or box it was supplied in. Over time, metal an slightly discolor from contact with skin oils and exposure to various environmental elements.

2. Avoid contact with soaps, hairspray, moisturizers, and if possible, water. As with all jewelry, soap and water can cause gunky buildup and sometimes erosion within the crevices of the piece over time. Therefore, put your jewelry on after applying makeup, hairspray and/or perfume.

3. Avoid wearing your jewelry at the beach, swimming pool, while exercising or playing sports, doing any manual     labor or household work. Chlorine and related chemicals can discolor and severely damage jewelry as well as  loosen stones and settings. Limit contact with rough surfaces and other metals in order to avoid scratching and

changes in color.

4. Limit rough use and sleeping in the jewelry to slow down the natural process of “wear and tear” and to protect the finishes on the piece.

Most importantly LOVE YOUR JEWELLERY. It's been created by crazy talented designers for your enjoyment and we think you look fabulous in it.