Our promotions aims to embrace our loyal customers. We deliver high quality, chic fashion jewelry at affordable price representing the very best value for our devoted customers.

Free Shipping
FREE Shipping for 2+ items purchased will be applied automatically at the end of the checkout process. Free shipping discount applies for all our customer and valid in addition to other discounts as coupon code.

Coupon Discount
A discount coupon code is a secret code which a customer can use to get a discount when making a purchase. We supply valuable discount for Israeli companies and credit card holders.
A coupon code supplied by Whisper to your company. You will be able to get it by contacting your Human Resource department at your work place. Please contact us at to request a company coupon code for your company if no such already exist.

At the end of the checkout process enter your valid coupon code to re calculate subtotal price which apply to the sum of items prices for all items in this order, such discount doesn't apply to shipping cost.

Whisper reserves its absolute right to change/modify the terms and conditions herein as per its sole discretion.


Among our valued company's: IBM Israel, Yael Group, Ituran etc.

Credit card holders: Chever - Israel army permanent members, Ashmoret - Teachers, Kranot - Police officers.